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Submit Your Manuscript

The PubAg Manuscript Submissions system supports public access requirements by enabling deposit of final peer-reviewed accepted manuscripts.

Criteria for submissions of manuscripts to PubAg are: 

  • USDA partially or completely funded the research and
  • the article has been accepted for publication in a peer-reviewed journal.

Types of documents accepted are:

  • final, peer-reviewed accepted manuscripts or
  • the final, accepted article if the author has the right to submit the published version (e.g., open access articles).


What is a final, peer-reviewed accepted manuscript?

As defined in USDA DR 1020-006 Public Access to Scholarly Publications and Digital Scientific Research Data, this is an author's final version of a publisher-accepted, peer‐reviewed article.  It contains the same content as the final published article but does not include the publisher’s copyediting, stylistic, or formatting edits that will constitute the final “version of record” that appears in a trustworthy, peer-reviewed, scholarly journal.


How do I submit or share digital scientific research data assets associated with a peer-reviewed publication?

See the Ag Data Commons User Guide


Send an email to PubAg.


Begin Submission

Access to the PubAg Manuscript Submissions system requires a account that is linked to a USDA eAuthentication.